The Auto-Reply Email is a system-generated email that is automatically sent to the survey-taker immediately upon completion of a survey. The email includes a summary of the survey taker's response and can be completely customized with the Expert planThe Auto-Reply Email can be configured using the Email Address question type and is enabled by default. The following table shows the Auto-Reply Email options as available in each plan:

Plan Customize Auto-Reply Content? Disable Auto-Reply?
Expert Yes Yes
Advanced No, Survey Response Summary Only Yes
Basic No, Survey Response Summary Only
Free No, Survey Response Summary Only


 How to Update the Auto-Reply Email Settings

1. Add or edit the Email Address question type.

2. Toggle on the Enable Auto Reply switch to enable or disable the auto-reply email.

3. If you have the Expert plan, you can customize the email content.

a. Ensure Enable Auto Reply switch is toggled.

b. Enter a Sender Email. This is the email address that will be displayed in the From field of the Auto-Reply Email.

c. Enter a Subject for the Auto-Reply Email.

d. Create the Message using the built-in Text Editor

4. Click Save.