Welcome to QuickTapSurvey

This guide is aimed to help new users get up in running in 3 steps, we will show you how to;

Create a Survey

Test and Publish

View and Action your Data

Let's get started!


Our first step would be to select create a survey,

From here we can build a new survey or use a modifiable template.

Next, we can give your survey a name, now we will need to choose a survey type.

Choose a survey type

QuickTapSurvey offers 4 unique survey types that you can choose from.

Face to Face surveys are used to survey people in person with tablets. Questions are shown one at a time and the experience is engaging.

Kiosk surveys look similar but have additional features to make tablets tamper-proof when placed inside a kiosk enclosure. 

Mobile Forms are all about efficiency. All questions are shown on the same screen and easily scroll up and down so you can review your answers.

All three of these survey types require the QUICKTAPSURVEY iOS or Android app and work perfectly without an internet connection.

To send a survey by email, you would create an Online survey.

Once you've chosen your survey type you click on next step.

Add Questions

From here you can add questions to your survey.

You can add questions to your survey by dragging and dropping the question type for the question box on the right.

Each question will have different elements you can customize including the questions itself, the answer options and a few other options like button text or image labels.

You can also modify the question settings, the settings will vary depending on the question type. With settings, you can do things like make questions mandatory or allow for multiple answers to be selected. Once you've added all the questions you next we can start on the next step.

Customize your survey

For face to face and kiosk surveys, you can customize the look and feel of the survey. 

You can edit the font, button and text color, you can also upload a custom background and logo to be displayed throughout the survey. 

You can also choose from one of you custom themes. 

Survey Settings

On this page, you can modify the survey settings. Survey settings control features like making the survey loop after it's completed or adding an exit code or time or if you are using a kiosk survey.



Once you are happy with your survey you can now test your survey, to test your survey you will need a mobile device with the QuickTapSurvey app installed. Sign into the app and hit the sync button.

You should see a draft version of your survey, you can tap on the draft and go through the survey questions. Draft surveys will not save the results. 

Publish and Sync

If you are happy with the way the survey looks and flows, you can go back to the web app select you survey and hit publish published surveys can no longer be changed.



Once you are ready to start collecting data, log back into the mobile app hit sync, you should notice that the yellow draft icon has switched to a green published icon. Any responses collected will now be saved. If you are collecting responses offline after you are done, connect to the device to the internet and tap sync the device again to send them to the server.

View responses

You can now view the responses on the web app, you can also view the analytics, filter the responses, download them as a .CSV or Excel file or export your data using our MailChimp, Salesforce or Infusionsoft integrations.