Q: What is a Beta feature?

A: A Beta feature is the early release of a feature which is still under development, but has been developed to a level where it is expected to be functional and ready for feedback.

Q: Why would a feature be released as a Beta?

A: We love feedback! User feedback is critical to building a platform which actually supports the needs of QuickTapSurvey users. We try our best to get things right the first time, but we also know that you will have insight into what is under development that may not have been identified in our planning for the development of a feature.

Q: Can I collect data if I've enabled a Beta feature?

A: Yes! Absolutely! Collect data and give us your feedback. We want to know what you think of the Beta feature you are trying.

Q: How do I enable Beta features?

A: If you have already been invited you can opt-in. How to Opt-In to Beta Features

If you have not been invited to try a Beta feature, thank you for your interest! Some BETA features are not compatible with certain account types or plan levels, or we may need to limit the number of users for other reasons. 

We are not currently inviting new users to try Beta features based on requests.

Q: I’m not in the Beta – when will I have access?

A: Hopefully soon :)

If you have any questions, please contact support@quicktapsurvey.com